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    Default Ivf embryo help

    So Monday i had my first IVF egg retrieval, i am 29 years old and both of us are healthy. After blood tests, tests to check my tubes and hubby sperm we are both ok. My Fertility Dr was quite positive about us being successful. On Monday we had 7 eggs retrieved, 5 fertilised and then day 4 i was told that the embryos were all delayed in growth. by day 5 we had one 8 cell and one 9 cell with moderate fragmentation however we still went ahead and transferred it even though we have been told the chances are low.

    has anyone had success on this?

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    I hate to say it but an 8 or 9 cell by day 5 doesn't have a good chance at all even if it didn't have any fragmentation at all. It should be 6-8 cell by day 3 and then become a morula day 4 and blastocyst typically day 5 (but not later than day 6) so sounds like yours are at least a few days behind. My clinic wouldn't have even transferred those. The first cycle is always a bit of a crap shoot so maybe they can use it to learn about how your body responds and what they need to do to get a better result next time around! Hugs - ivf is a tough road!

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    Default Ivf embryo help

    I agree with the above, and there is no way my clinic would have transferred such an emby either, sorry to be so blunt.

    What day of your cycle did you have EPU? If it was early the eggs might not have been ready, or if it was late they might have been over cooked.

    Not wanting to be discouraging, but sharing my experience:
    I was a perfectly fit and healthy 31yo when we started IVF. All my tests were normal. We were only doing IVF cause my DH doesn't produce sperm, so we needed to use anonymous donor sperm, which was obviously very high quality. I never had more than two eggs fertilise, and my embryos were always slow-growing. I only ever had a morula to transfer on Day 5, which is the stage they should be at on Day 4. One time the second emby kept going and was frozen as a Day 6 blast, but its growth in the lab had been very erratic, and no surprises didn't produce anything when transferred.

    So for some reason even though I was apparently "perfect", my eggs were bad. My FS, who is amazing, was stumped. I tried one last-ditch cycle with my own eggs, went on DHEA and CoQ10 and a bunch of other supplements for 3 months prior, used Saizen (growth hormone) during stims. Managed to get 15 mature eggs, and 5 blasties on Day 5. One of those went on to become my son, the other four didn't produce so much as a BFP.

    When trying for #2 we only did one cycle before giving up on my eggs, as we only got two eggs and they both disintegrated during the ICSI process. Instead we went to Czech Republic, had a double transfer of PGS-tested donor embies, and we now have twin daughters who are nearly 5 months old.

    It is possible that some women's eggs don't react well to the stims, so even if you check out in terms of fertility stuff, you still get bad results through IVF. I often wondered if this was the case for me, as there was literally no other explanation for my eggs being so poor.

    Hopefully this isn't the case for you though. I am a bit of a freak in this regard, so probably not! I wish you the very best for your next attempt, hopefully your FS will come up with a more effective protocol for you.
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