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    I work in a large gov office and hate the politics and crap that goes on. We just moved buildings and there's now 200 of us crammed into an open plan office on our floor. So now there's the added tension of working so closely and dealing with the noise that comes from several very loud teams being co -located. For an introvert like me it's hell.

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    I work in a large organisation in IT. I really like the workplace culture where I work (most of the time). I think it helps a lot if there isn't too much competition for higher roles, or bonuses(or competition not to lose your job to redundancy). Some people will be aggressive if that's what they need to do to get ahead.

    Sometimes its just random as well. I've worked in quite a few different places as a contractor, some Ive loved, some Ive hated. So I have clung onto this job for dear life because its very important to mental health to feel ok at work. Bearing in mind no job is awesome all the time.

    I'm sorry you have to put up with that negative behaviour. Remember its their problem, not yours, and try not to get snipey back. Any chance you could move jobs?

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    I used to love my office job when the business was doing really well and I had a fantastic boss, now things are tight and we've had a shake up of management and the mood some days is miserable. I also get sucked in to a few unhappy workers when they start being really negative and always kick myself afterwards.
    I used to love walking in the door every morning, Now I cringe at the thought and would desperately love to leave. Unfortunately there is nothing close enough to home that will pay the same so I grin and bear it.


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