@The Gooch that does look like a positive as the test line is darker than the positive I never got true positives due to my pcos.
I was put on clomid as I don't ovulate but it didn't make me ovulate. So my fertility specialist put me on metformin as a trial (even though I am a very thin pcos-er). I could only handle it for a month. One of the side effects is diarrhea. TMI- I had diarrhea like water for a whole month and it wasn't getting better so I gave up.
We then had fsh injections which made me ovulate twice but no bfp and then fsh injections + iui and still no bfp so went onto ivf which worked for us.
I definitely think full cycle tracking would help you enormously!! If your cycles are irregular a day 21 blood test is like pin the tail on the donkey with a blindfold on. But beyond that if you are ovulating but at irregular times this may not be conducive to conception too so a medicated controlled monitored cycle (like with clomid) might be a good next step.
Hoping for the best for you and your little family