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    I must say I will always go to a reputable takeaway place that will cook fresh for me if requested. Somewhere like nandos or Oporto cook their chicken to order, places like maccas, KFC etc all have time frames that they have to move their food in. If it's not sold within X time frame it gets turfed out. I will also eat Subway because I used to work there (albeit 15 odd years ago lol) and have faith in their food storage and handling policies. They are pretty strict.

    I always steer clear of anything that's pre made like sandwiches, salads etc as you just don't know how long it's been sitting there. I don't find food courts too hard. I find events much harder. For example we went to the Brisbane international in January. My options were so limited because I couldn't eat any of the healthy options. Even the strawberries and ice cream I was wary about given we were having 34-35 deg days and they were sitting in the fridge display of a food truck.

    Just work out what risks you are personally comfortable taking and go from there.

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    In a food court situation I avoided food that was meant to be served hot and was left sitting e.g. buffet style, or salads that weren't freshly prepared. Instead I went with food that was cooked to order like some of the Japanese noodle places, or Nandos.

    And snacks like Muffins (love apple and cinnamon muffins from Muffin Break) were great.


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