My nearly 3 DS has no issues with wee's, and didn't have any issues at the start with poos either. Now its been nearly 3 weeks when he just poos his undies when he needs to go. No attempt to go to the toilet. Just doesn't care. We are about 5 weeks into training so too far to go back to nappies, plus he is fine with wee's.

I am at an absolute loss. I could handle this better if he at least asked for a nappy to poo in. But he is fine with doing it in his undies. This can happen at home, daycare, out and about etc.

What do I do? I have no idea. Everyone just says to reward him when he goes to the toilet and I would happily do that but I can't get him too. And he doesn't poop at the same time each day either so I can't try and "catch" him doing it.