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    Default 3yo happily poos undies

    My nearly 3 DS has no issues with wee's, and didn't have any issues at the start with poos either. Now its been nearly 3 weeks when he just poos his undies when he needs to go. No attempt to go to the toilet. Just doesn't care. We are about 5 weeks into training so too far to go back to nappies, plus he is fine with wee's.

    I am at an absolute loss. I could handle this better if he at least asked for a nappy to poo in. But he is fine with doing it in his undies. This can happen at home, daycare, out and about etc.

    What do I do? I have no idea. Everyone just says to reward him when he goes to the toilet and I would happily do that but I can't get him too. And he doesn't poop at the same time each day either so I can't try and "catch" him doing it.


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    Hey...i know this is an older thread, but how did it turn out for you and your DS?

    DD is 3 in a few weeks, and excellent with wee, even dry overnight. Poo is another story. She happily poos in knickers, refuses to go to the toilet. After 3 big brothers who learnt to use the toilet with no fuss, we are at a loss. We've tried rewards, not rewards, reading to her on the toilet, youtube on the toilet, singing songs together on the toilet...so many things to get her to stay and try. We watch for poo cues, and take her but no sooner has she decided not to poo on the toilet, then we let her off and she goes and poos her pants.


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