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    Default Oversupply on one side?

    We are almost 7 weeks in to BFing DS (2y4m) and DD. DS only gets a 10 minute feed before nap time, and a 15 minute feed before bed. DD obviously has free reign. I've had oversupply issues in the past, and besides that, my babies seem to prefer to only feed one side at a time anyway.
    My left side seems to be evening out, but the right side is going crazy. It is engorged all day every day. It is painful and I am worried about mastitis. I've got new stretch marks every day and I have had enough.
    I feed DD mainly on the left, and DS has his 2 short feeds on the right (he won't take the left), and I do a pump of the right side in the morning just until it's no longer painful - it takes less than 10 minutes and I get 150mL easily.

    Typical day of feeds (times approximates):
    1am - feed DD from right because it is so painful. Pump off 20mL before feed because the foremilk is causing massive problems with DDs belly. She feeds for less than 10 minutes.
    4:30am - feed DD from left she takes about 30 minutes (she falls asleep and I let her keep going because I'm also in trying to get DS back to sleep.
    6:45am - feed DD from left again.
    7:00am - pump from right because I'm so sore less than 10 min just til pain is gone, get 150mL.
    9:30am - feed DD from left again. About 20 min
    11:45am - feed DD from left again 25 min
    12:30pm - feed DS from right for 10 min
    2:00pm - feed DD from left about 20 min
    4:30pm - express 20mL and then feed DD from right. About 20 min.
    6:00pm - feed DD from left 20-30 min
    6:45pm - feed DS from right 15 min
    7:00pm - DH gives DD bottle of expressed milk from that morning
    8:30 - feed DD from left til she falls asleep and put her down for the night.

    She would take each of those feeds at night regardless of what side - those are out witching hours and she's only happy on the boob.

    Any ideas on how I can even this out or reduce the oversupply on just the right side. I've currently got milk all the way up under my arm and it's so sore.

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    Maybe switch and feed your DD from the right and your DS on the left.

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    DS won't take the left because it's slower. Given DD spends so much longer on the left than the total time on the right, shouldn't it even out?


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