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    Hello friends! I have a question for you, as my Dr is on vacation 😬... so I have asked for another specialist to look at my case as time is of essence. I'm doing my first IVF cycle, currently Day 8 of stims and although I have undiagnosed fertility, because of my age, 38, we are skipping over fresh embryos transfer and doing the pre genetic screening and FET instead. Now, I see nothing wrong with going ahead and trying a fresh egg first... so have put this towards the Dr. I don't have any risk factors or genetic factors as why I can't take a fresh embryo - wondering if they sensed my vulnerability and went for the money grab or if I was being all matter of fact and lead us down the direction thinking I knew best! Anywho, the nurse didn't seem to confident in another doc being referred to my case, but I think my question deserves follow up and a reply. Any advice out there for going ahead with a freshie- if it's a bad egg, then I know it won't stick but besides disappointment what do I have to lose? Thanks. x
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    Well .... You also risk the emby implanting, getting a BFP, and then potentially losing the pregnancy to a genetic issue a little later down the track. But hey, if you think you can handle that kind of heartbreak (and trust me, it's pretty devastating), it's your decision. At the end of the day, it's your body, and your emby.

    If you choose that's the way you want to go and you're not comfortable putting the foot down in person you could put your preferences into an email and send them off to the attention of your FS. You may be firmer in text rather than face to face. Not everyone does well with confrontation.

    Also, if you do decide to go the fresh transfer route, make sure they give you a lining scan prior to the transfer. Popping an emby in under good conditions is one thing, throwing one away when there is no chance due to a thin lining is entirely another Good luck!

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    Thanks! Nurse said my lining was looking good if a fresh transfer was the go. So little info coming from my clinic, seems so rushed - no investigation besides my AMH, no endo, hubby's sperm count/mobility fine, I think it's seriously hard to get pregnant when you're not having sex! But we've been together for 15 years, and no oops, so just undiagnosed Fertility at this time. Perhaps I was so assertive saying I didn't want to waste any more time and may as well give the best emby the fighting chance, hence the PGS and FET as first option. I've put my request in writing for the fresh transfer first hence the follow up convo with the nurse telling me that I just missed the dr and he's overseas. I will follow up Monday, I have another blood and Scan. Just figured hey, I've paid for it (was in my quote breakdown although not a service we were using) but may as well try now.) I don't want to be pretend I know what's best, but not getting my valid question answers because FS is on holiday isn't good enough! It's only been a month since our first appointment and I've only had one meeting to discuss my first Scan, bloodwork and signing consent forms. Dr Google has informed me with more info- just trying to take an active role so I'm not treated as another number. Thanks again for your reply. x


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