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    Default Dates off and hcg slowly doubling

    I've been told by my obstetrician that I'll most likely miscarry soon. I had a miscarriage also in December 16. I already have two kids but never went through the whole measuring hcg stress before. So far I've had hcg at 120, 300, 1000, 2000 sort of every two-three days. I had a scan at just before 5 weeks as my dr has holidays - and all she could see was that my lining had thickened, the corpeus leutum thing and a shaded bit that could be a sac. I still have sore boobs and feel pregnant. I don't go back to the dr for three weeks as she's away. I know I'm clutching at straws but I'd be greatful for anyone's input even if it's bad xx

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    My advice would be listen to your body Drs are not always right I was meant to be 7 weeks with my first when I saw my ob could see the sad no heart beat he told me I would miscarry...I was 20 and didn't know anything anyways I went to my GP told her what was said etc and she asked if I had bleeding which I said no she rang and arranged another ultrasound 4 days later and guess what... There was my little angel with a heart beat of 165!!!! She is now nearly 10! Trust your own instincts I pray Bub sticks and you get your happy ending... Try not to stress to much as the outcome won't change what will be will be but listen to your own intuition and know that there is always hope I truly believe that

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