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    Quote Originally Posted by Little Miss Sunshine View Post
    Lol @besha it does sound like our life here!

    I was just ignoring her when it started (as she was never distressed) but read somewhere that you are more likely to get them to go back to sleep if you go in once to tell them it's nighttime- but I've done that the past two mornings and all it's resulted in is me dragging myself out of my cosy bed @430am lol and her staying awake anyway.

    I too am up at 5am for work, and like to be dressed first before dealing with dd2 as it puts me on the back foot, and never *really* minded the early starts - except for my days off!!- but it just changes your whole mindset when it's before 5am! There's early, and there is god stupidly early!

    It's pretty funny when we consider 6am heaven hey?
    I know if I went in to my DD and walked out again without her, all that would happen would be that the screaming would start and she'd just get more and more upset until I went in there again so I'm not going to risk it!

    Haha and yes a very sad state of affairs when I'm jealous of my hubby sleeping in until 6.30!! Prebaby even that was early!

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