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    I think it's great that you are being proactive, when I first started asking questions about DS lots of people told me I was being ridiculous and overreacting, but now I am so glad I spoke up. It's better to get checked out and be told all is fine than to do nothing and end up missing an opportunity to get help.

    Having said all that (and maybe this is just because of my limited personal experience), I think your son sounds just fine. Babbling is great, understanding simple instructions is great, all these things count as language development.

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    Default Thank you!

    Thanks @Daydreaming! I'm so glad your little one is doing so well :-) Thank you so much for sharing, we're all in the same boat and it's so kind of people to share their experience :-)

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    Default Thank you Cue!

    Thank you @Cue for sharing your experience and thoughts, I really appreciate it :-) It's fantastic that your precious little ones have such terrific parents and guidance. I think speaking up for your child is so important and good on you for doing such a brilliant job.

    That makes sense about treating speech delays and ASD as separate factors. I do worry about my son's receptive language skills given that he just does not wave goodbye and the pointing thing is a little vague as he definitely reaches for things and kind of reaches then waves his fingers at something he wants. I guess the niggle in my gut is just to check it out, starting with a developmental assessment/screening then see where we go from there.

    Obviously we adore our little people and it makes no difference if there's a delay or if autism is a factor. We just want to walk with him and support and help in every way we possibly can.

    All the best for your two beautiful little people and thank you again xxxx
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    @ZigZagMum my DS had a Brigance Test by way of assessment/screening and on that basis I was told he needed varied early intervention.

    It involved him performing certain tasks and being given a score based on how well he did them.

    He was asked to name a key and couldn't because I don't allow him to play with my filthy car keys. He just hadn't been exposed to that particular object. The person doing the assessment then said "we'll get him to say something else" and being a little shy he clammed up and refused to perform. Zero points.

    He also had to stack 5 blocks. He'd stack 4, knock them over and laugh delightedly. Zero points.

    I definitely think assessment is a great idea, but I guess my point is to choose carefully who performs it and what it involves.

    My experience left me feeling that the test my son had to do was very flawed and really didn't give an accurate picture of where he was at. (My DS's paed agreed.)

    Very best of luck, I hope the people that you come across as you work through this give you hope, confidence, support and correct information. X


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