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    Hi everybody!
    I am a new member in this forum just joined today
    am planning to go for IVF on May, 2017
    please can someone take me through the processes involved

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    Hi @Caretas, and welcome!

    Hmmm, let me cast my mind back to my first cycle. Seems so long ago now

    It started off with a referral from my GP to see a fertility specialist. I presume you've got that part in hand already. DH and I then went to see the FS who asked us a few lifestyle questions (things like what we did for a living, our relationship, health, and the conception of DH's children in his prior relationship.) He then did a quick internal examination on me which included a 'practise run' to see if he could insert a catheter through my cervix as they would be doing that for future transfers. We were then sent away for the standard early pregnancy blood tests (blood group, basic iron and thyroid and STD's.)

    At our next appointment we were given a cycle plan and a boot-load of medications - this was when FS's could supply meds to you, but now the law has changed and most clinics just give you the prescriptions which you fill at a pharmacy yourself. I had to start on a pill and some nasal spray straight away, do them for a set number of days, and a few days after stopping them I had my period. That was the official start of the IVF cycle.

    I started the injections (scary as hell but you get used to them very quickly!) and went back to my clinic for a scan a bit over a week later. The scan was an internal one with what looked like a vibrator - not painful at all, just embarrassing. I still had dignity at that point! During the scan both ovaries were checked for follicles (a follicle is where the egg grows) and the follicles are measured and recorded. My uterus lining was also measured as it needs to be a certain thickness for transfer to occur.

    Based on the scan results, I was told to continue the injections to a certain date (it might have been a few more days, can't remember) and then I had to wait a day and do a trigger injection. The trigger matured the eggs inside the follicles. 36 hours after trigger we went in for egg pick up.

    When we got to the day clinic I was weighed and put into my gown. After a short wait they took me down to the OR and I was put to sleep. They had a fossick around and extracted my egg (yes, only 1 .... it was a crap cycle for me.) I woke up in the recovery room, very nauseous and tired but otherwise I had no pain to speak of. Whilst I was doing my thing DH was having his sample retrieved, and before we left they told us how many eggs they got and that they did get some sperm. Our egg was fertilised that day and we went home after about 4 hours.

    The next morning we got a call to say our egg did not fertilise successfully. It does happen unfortunately. So from this point I'll go off what happened in my next cycle.....

    Lets assume the egg DID fertilise.... we got a call to say the egg fertilised successfully, and our embryo was then watched for 4 days to make sure it was developing at the correct rate. At this point I was taking progesterone support (Crinone sticks which are inserted vaginally, but some clinics prescribe pessaries). When we got to Day 5 (some clinics will do Day 3) I was called back to the clinic for my transfer. I was given a robe and had to lie down on the table with my legs in stirrups. Yes, all dignity was gone by that point!

    The FS came in and inserted a speculum (the same as you have for a pap smear) and then put the catheter containing the embryo through my cervix and into the correct place. I had to rest for 5 minutes before getting up and going on with my day - officially PUPO! I took a day off work afterwards just to let my body rest and do it's thing, but some ladies go back to work straight after transfer.

    There was lots of paperwork in between some of these stages of course, but from that point on it was a 2 week wait until I could do a blood test to see if I was pregnant.

    So that was about it! I think I remembered all the important parts anyway! Good luck with your cycle, and if you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

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