Hi All
I know there's a March/April chat but as most there have already started or almost finished their cycle, thought I would open up a new one for people who won't begin until April/May.

My history-
Aug 2016 IVF#1 - BFN
September 2016 FET- Chemical
December 2016 IVF#2- BFP but miscarriage and D&C in week 8 due to trisomy pregnancy

I've just moved clinics and had our initial appt yesterday. As we didn't have any embies to freeze last round we are diving back in to IVF. My protocol has mostly stayed the same but they are also putting me on testosterone cream and melatonin. I start the pill today and will be starting injections in 2-3 weeks!

Looking for some ladies to share the rollercoaster with in April/May!