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    Very much child and eater exposure dependant. 2 of my kids were swimming (ie dog paddle enough to save themselves if they fell in) by age 3ish...they could do "freestyle" around age 4.5. By age 6 I would expect my kids to swim the full length of a backyard pool unaided.
    We don't have a pool but I think lessons from around age 2 are important, and if your child has a personality that make them a little fearful then even earlier.

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    My 3 yr and 6yr olds no longer require an adult in the pool (i sit on the edge). They have been to lessons since the age of 1 and we have our own pool at home which gets used every day in summer. They can both easily swim laps unassisted and with no floatation devices.

    I'm not sure if it was lessons or just a lot of practice. Lessons for children over 1yr aren't a waste if you practice through the week as well.
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    My 20 month old dd has been doing lessons since she was 6 months. She's at the stage now where if I let her go near the edge (when I'm right next to her of course!) she can grab the edge and climb out. She knows safe entry and to wait for mum to count her in and she's learning about being underwater and swirly water. She's obviously not safe to be unattended and she's not able to 'swim' but she's learning the basics like kicking. The most important thing at this age i think is that she's learning water safety, she's happy being in the water, it's a fun activity for her and it's something nice to do together.
    I don't think they're a waste of money but I guess it depends what you want to get out of it. For us it's important that dd likes water and isn't afraid of it when she gets older. I imagine that it's like a lot of things where you don't think they're learning much at the time but then later you realize how much they picked up.


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