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    Default Feeling great after getting the implanon put in

    Hey guys im new to this... just wondering if anyone else has had good experience with the implanon. I got mine inserted last week i was so nervous because I had read so many horror stories but all of the side effects people were saying they had or gotten from it is exactly what i suffered from on the pill and various ones. So i braved up and got it done and there was no pain getting it no pain after and i feel great im more patient, been in an awesome mood, im not tired at all being a mum of two toddler boys i was always feeling run down and no energy i could sleep for days but since last week i feel so ... HAPPY and comfortable. I know it may be too early to have side effects yet but im hoping to god that this works for me as iv always had trouble with my periods and hormones.

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    I'm onto my 3rd Implanon. I had my 2nd taken out to conceive, had my 3rd put in 3 mths after he was born and am nearly due to have this one replaced. I have loved it. ..obviously! I have had no adverse side effects, my period is very light. The removal if it's been in for the full 3yrs can be a bit tricky, and I've had significant bruising which took some time to resolve.
    I have been tempted to switch over to a Mirena as it lasts 5ys...but if it's not broke don't fix it right!!?

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    I got pregnant ON Implanon. LOL


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