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    Default What Would You Do? Query about a dilemma.

    So okay, madness gripped me in January and I signed up to gym which offered 24/7 access, all female membership, Les Mills classes, all that jazz.

    When I first inquired, they gave me a card that allowed me a trial period. We discussed membership briefly, confirmed that there was no joining fee (I hate those and refuse to pay them) and arranged so that when the trial period ended that it would flow onto paid membership.

    I was quoted $37.00 a fortnight which was part of an Australia Day special and the key fob thing cost $99, the latter being taken from my account in two instalments. No worries.

    That was it.

    And I enjoyed the classes, the equipment was good, vibe was great etc so all good.

    So, I do the 30 day trial thing and membership period is about to start and I notice these debits coming out that don't match the agreement.

    The first take was $99.
    Then another take was $41.10. I recognized that as the normal fortnightly rate.

    I immediately approached them and they changed the fortnightly rate back to its original amount and said they'd refund the $99.

    Then I received an email saying no, the $99 was correct and that $52 was for the fob and the rest a gap fee. So I'm like okay, $52 is not 50% of $99 and what's a gap fee?

    So I went back and it was explained to me that the gap fee was for the days between when the trial ended and when the membership started and that there was $47 worth of days between the end of trial and when my paid membership started. When I pointed out that there wasn't, I was told 'sign on' started after a 14 day trial period and that 'once it was put into the computer there was no altering it'.

    So I arranged to have a meeting with the Manager.
    Instead of honouring that meeting I get a phone call which was left on voicemail which totally didn't address ANYTHING I'd mentioned!!!

    So I'm thinking, should I continue with this gym hosted by obviously incompetent staff or should I just cancel it? I'm so disappointed as I really enjoy the classes and being able to do my weights on my own at night and it's down the road from where I live so I can walk there if I need to.

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    Have you signed a 12 month contract or a casual membership. As the 2 are different if you are locked in for 12 months you may have fee for breaking the contract. I know with my gym in SA if you break the contract it's $300 where as if your a casual membership there is no fee just the fortightly $ is like $5 more

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    What does the contract state?

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    There are no cancellation fees. Notice period is four weeks.
    The contract states what was agreed upon but it just keeps reverting.

    As they've breached it more than once, it's basically null and void.
    The whole experience has just been so unpleasant and it's made me reticent to keep going even though the health benefits are good.

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    If you really like the gym, I would fight the fight and continue with it.

    Take your contract in to them and demand that they correct the charges. Threaten to cancel your membership as they have breached ...

    If you think that the issues are more deceit than incompetence, and the anger outweighs your enjoyment of the gym ... then I would cancel.

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    Also, most 24hr gyms use an outside direct debit company to handle their debits, hence why the actual gym is hesitant/unwilling to help you because they are simply not equipped with the knowledge to do so or the power to change the payments easily. They come across as rude and unhelpful because it is a hassle for them, and they really don't know how it all works.

    Sometimes your are better off finding a bigger gym with more customer service staff that looks after their own direct debits as these seem much more understanding and can see on their system exactly what has come out and what has gone wrong.

    Speaking from experience, I left a 24/7 gym, and am now paying and extra $4per week on my membership, but the staff are lovely, there is a pool added in, lots more classes, and every time I have a debit issue, or if I need to put a hold on my payments for a while if I'm sick etc I simply go to the front desk that is always staffed and they fix it straight away.

    With the 24/7 gym it took me over 3 months to finally get it cancelled. I had find a time when it was staffed, rocked up Many times to find there were no staff on in those hours, then when I met with someone I had to request it, generally met with a "no", then fight for it, then finally that person requested changes thru the debit company, then the debit company called to tell me that those changes couldn't be done, or that they required a fee............. Such a saga!!!!

    Some times a good gym is more than the just equipment and includes the service too.


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