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    Hello guy and girls i'm hoping to get some advice from other parents with out being judged too heavily, i'm currently living overseas and married to an overseas person we have been working over seas and were happily until it became time to start a visa application for australia so i could bring her to australia but she has decided she would prefer to stay in her country and has no intention of ever going to australia this snap decision puts me between a rock and a hard place as i have an 8 year old who i miss alot and it was our plan to return there so i can have the people i love most together, i have tried to talk my wife into going to australia but she just refuses

    And said she wouldn't have the support or any body to care about her so obviously doesn't trust me i'm struggeling to make a decision either way please advise

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    I think we need a bit more information before we can give any advice. How long have you been living overseas? How long have you been with your wife? How often do you see your child, do they come visit you? Do you go back to Australia often or can you afford to permanently make regular trips to see your child? What's your relationship with your child's mother like?

    Before you got married had you both said the plan was to move back to Australia to be closer to your child?

    At face value, if this is a situation where you won't be able to work out some sort of regular visiting arrangement with your child if you stay overseas permanently and essentially your new wife is making a conscious decision to keep you from your child then I think you should pack your bags and head back to OZ. You were/are a father first and I assume she knew that before she married you.

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    @HollyGolightly81 good statement. Poster had also said they live in SA which is where i am but funnily also gives the postcode of 2 active hubbers aswell


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