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    Thank you all for your wonderful replies!

    I turn 30 the week before surgery is scheduled.

    I had an awful time mentally, rather than physically with DS. I was considering a c section this time around and the found out my OB is away for two weeks when I am due. I spoke to her a lot about surgery and decided I would book in as I didn't think I would cope delivering another baby vaginally without her (she kept me semi sane during ds's birth).
    DS came at 37 weeks so I did say that if that happened again I'd opt for Vb as OB would be available but I will just see what happens.

    I really appreciate all of your advice. The main things I have taken from your suggestions are to get moving ASAP, keep pain meds up as needed and don't lift heavy things!

    So glad I can ask questions like this and get real answers on this forum.

    Thanks again

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alicia111 View Post
    * try to get a spinal block not an epidural of you can. It seems to be an easier recovery.
    I'll have to ask about this during my next appointment. I did have an epi with DS though and walked out of the labour ward. However in saying that it wasn't topped up and was turned off to push so that could be why.


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