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    Angry The defunct pop


    background story kept short.

    DD donor conceived. 4 months old grannie passes, whom would have been here with bells on. Would have been very involved.

    My my father passed long ago, whom would have doted on her.

    My mother (loosely) wanted nothing to do with her family dynamics very slanted towards the "golden child" of which I called Docs on.

    The only one one left is pop, we live in the same town and he never sees her. First time he has seen her in 5months was today we made it a neutral place, in case if DD didn't want to speak we had an "escape".

    She asked him why he never sees her or comes over.

    His answer was was a huge pause then a whole lot of Huey! He stated it's because he is busy with rotary and lodge and fund raising, he said we are never home which we are he knows after 5pm we are. We know he drinks after 4pm he goes to dan Murphy and drinks. So that's why he is never round. He said he doesn't come around on Sundays cause he gets tired!

    As as I sat listening to this rubbish I wanted to say are you for real? You should be making time!!!!! You mother firkin a$$hole!!!!

    Poor DD thought it was something she has done to keep him away. I said gosh no your not wrong there is something wrong with pop. He is very silly in the mind.

    I thoguht it could be because pop knows she knows she is not biologically his own sons child therefore not really related.
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    That's sad. Do you think Biology would be what matters really? I've found that people who prioritise alcohol in their lives do so over everyone regardless of how they're related to them.

    Your DD is lucky to have you xx

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    yes, I agree with Zelda. When alcohol takes over, all the other priorities get left way behind. I would blame the drinking. It probably doesn't even enter his head that the child is not his bio-relation. I also would keep telling you DD that he is silly in his mind, and that is not far from the truth. hugs marie.


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