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    Hmmm.... hard to know exactly what's going on without knowing which clinic you are currently with and which, if any, you had been with before, but a few possible scenarios come to mind....

    1. If you do a donor cycle (be that eggs or sperm) with one donor, and then change donors for a subsequent cycle, the clinic may require you to do fresh counselling with that particular donor. The reason behind that is that each donor/recip match may have it's own unique circumstances and whilst you may all be on the same page with one donor, you may not with the next, if that makes sense?

    2. If doing a cycle with the same donor as before, your donor may have flagged an issue and requested the clinic to order further counselling for the new cycle to address those issues.

    3. Quite often if you change clinics - for example, if you went from a Monash clinic to QFG, or if you went from Life fertility to Monash - the counselling done at the prior clinic will be disregarded by the new clinic. They may insist that you complete THEIR counselling - as crazy as that may seem....

    4. The final scenario that comes to mind - and please don't take this the wrong way, because it's only a guess and may very well not be the case at all - but ... while you say that the two of you have no doubts, and that everyone is on the same page etc .... it is *possible* that either one of you or your donor has made a comment during previous sessions which has raised a red flag to the clinic and caused enough concern that they are not comfortable to clear you yet. Again, please don't think I'm doubting what you're saying, but I have heard of this happening before and the clinic then requesting further counselling to resolve what THEY see to be an issue.

    Hugs. I know it's a PITA especially when you are paying for each session. We paid roughly $225 for each of our sessions and it was a lot of money to us which could have been spent on something else. unfortunately, as you said, we just had to buckle under and do it

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    Situation number 3, which it's here you go take the money tick your pretty little box.

    i know we have to do this it's just a pain in the bum. so we will jump through your pretty little hoop cause we have to.

    i am tempted to say " here's your money can we go now"
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