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    Default Withdrawn with strangers


    My girl is 20 months old and till a couple of months used to be very outgoing in public places. Though always a bit wary of strangers, she would never hesitate to smile at them and sometimes even reach out to touch them. In malls, she would run about , throwing caution to the wind.
    Now since the last couple of months, she has become extremely scared of strangers. She would refuse to get off my lap in public places, would start frowning at strangers and would seldom smile. She makes a lot of eye-contact though. We are very worried to see a deterioration in her social behaviour.
    At home, when its just me, DH and her, she is a totally different girl, chattering non-stop, jumping, playing, laughing. Even at the family daycare that she goes to 5 days a week, she is outgoing and has a lot of fun.
    Only when we go to the outside world, she becomes very withdrawn and scared.
    We do have a limited social circle, but we make sure she goes out during the weekends to play areas. But in common play areas, she would stick to me and hardly open up. With kids her age, running about and having so much fun, seeing her like that is very distressing.

    Can you please advise if this is normal, or is this something we need to talk to the doctor about. Thanks in advance.

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    My Dd 24 months is doing a similar thing with some strangers when they look her in the eye she is totally freaking out and tries to melt her body into me hiding her face and sobbing. She is my forth baby and none of my other kids did this. I want to get her assessed for ASD she has shown other signs and there is a genetic link in the family as my dh and ds have been diagnosed with ASD and I believe my oldest is also on the spectrum. My husband and son do not look you in the eye they say it is incredibly uncomfortable to do this.

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    Lifeisgood i think she may have just had a bad experience that you didnt pick up on with a stranger where she tried to interact and was ignored. If she is interactive with family and friends and people she knows i think she is fine

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