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    Red face ** TMI ** little girls play with privates.


    My little darling daughter who I thought was so innocent until now. Has recently announced she like to play a game with her fanny as it feels nice before bed.

    I did say thats nice and walk out. I was a little shocked. My first lah lah lah not listening jan moment. Oh dear.

    I did notice her doing the same in the lounge room the next day (weekend). I said that what she was doing is perfectly natural but something that usually happens when people are in a bedroom. I also said its something private that people do not tell their friends about ok.

    Im trying to not make it uncomfortable for her or embarrassing. But at the same time trying to not take it in what I was discussing. Its not something a mother wants to think of Im sorry. . I had to share that moment with DH on the phone. He was oh god why did you tell me. I said I had to tell someone.

    Today DD is upset at bedtime because she got a graze on her elbow and I couldn't work out what was so upsetting. Its because she cannot play her game at bedtime. Oh lordy.

    Does anyone else have a DD doing this at 5yrs and what did you say or do?

    sorry if its too much information (TMI)>

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    My DD has been doing it for years, probably since she was around 2. At first I freaked out but I made a point to be very casual about it with her because I didn't want to make a big deal out of it. I came to realize she just does it because it feels good, there are no sexual connotations for her, if it felt good to pull her ear she'd do that instead.

    I also realize she does it when she's either tired or bored so if she starts doing it in the middle of the day I need to redirect her and set up an activity to stimulate her interest, or if she does it at night it's because she's tired and ready to go to bed. I told her it was fine if she wanted to do it but she can't do it around anyone else because we don't touch our private parts in front of people, so it's fine for her to go into her room and do it if she wants to. She's over 4 now and she doesn't do it that much but every now and then. I've also spoken to some friends with daughters who do it too so I think it's quite a normal stage of development.

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    Completely normal. I'd just stick with letting her know that it's her body, and it's good that she knows what feels good for her, but that it's private.


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