Hey guys, long time lurker. First time poster

I had a failed IVF cycle because I only had 6 follicles. And only two of those mature. I have low ovarian reserve and my partner has a low sperm count. So cycle cancelled. A nurse told me to do the trigger shot and have a crack at it naturally. I first did a hpt test at 7 days past the trigger with plans to test it out. It got lighter and lighter and yesterday there may have been an extremely light line if I used a magnifying glass and squinted lol. Today I took a hpt (14 days past trigger and 12dpo) and nearly fell over when I seen a second line. It's light but it's there, and darker then the others 4 days ago. All taken with afternoon urine.

Do I dare get excited... has anyone had this and it come back BFN or BFP? I need something to hold me over until I speak to the clinic tomorrow lol!!!