Hi ladies
This is my first IUI and the insemination was done on January 25th. My betas have been rising in normal limit ranges and I've been getting them checked every 2 -3 days.
Yesterday I had an U/S scan and it was not a good machine, quite grainy. I had a very tilted uterus and always need a transvaginal scan used and a chshion under my hips. Yesterday I didn't have the cushion just transvaginal. She found it difficult to find anything in my sac it was just a black hole until finally a flickering of a hb but couldn't see much else of thevfeyal pole bcoz it was tucked right down and against the gestational sac wall. She measured as best she could and it measured 5wks + 5/6 days and hb of 90 bpm which she said normal if 5wks. Other sonographers have pressed on my tummy when scanning to try and pop up my uterus but she didn't do that and no cushion to lift up my hips. Going by the IUI i should be 7wks +4. I'd understand if it was 1 week difference but this is 2 weeks. She tild me I need to repeat a scan in 10 days and keep doing betas as she feels it's a guarded grey area at the moment.
Has anyone experienced anything like this?