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    Mine got better once they were down to two naps a day around 7/8 months. Before that I'd go in and help them move into their next sleep cycle before they woke up, eg pat them, feed them lying down etc. Not for everyone but worked for me

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    Thought I'd check back in here with my good news that we managed to stop the catnapping!
    I went to QEC sleep centre and got such great information and help, a week later and my son who is now 5.5 months is napping for 1.5 hours at a time!

    I do believe development has been a contributing factor because he can move around more and get comfortable without my help and he started sleeping better at night a few days before our day visit there (also now sleeping on his tummy when he wants to). BUT, I am certain what they taught me has helped a lot and it would have taken even longer to stop the catnapping without this information.

    What I learned is that my son is very easily stimulated and instead of helping him resettle I was actually stimulating him with talking, patting and sushing and he just needed to be left to have the opportunity to fall back asleep. I just assumed that him chatting to himself in his cot meant he was wide awake and I should go resettle him, but in fact, he was so overtired that he was struggling to stay asleep. Their general rule is 1.5 hours in the cot for two naps a day, even if they are chatting to themselves, they are still having quiet time and resting. Eventually they will learn to resettle on their own if they're still tired, which he has done. No tears from either of us, just a good understanding of his body language was all it took. Any resistance from him is an indication he wants me to stop what I'm doing, and anything he's not using to settle is seen as a toy that's keeping him awake. So that could be the dummy or the comforter. Sometimes he has the dummy if he's struggling to wind down but I can usually take it away before he actually falls asleep and if he decides he wants it, he doesn't wake up if it's fallen out.

    Feel like a new person! Hooray!

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