Hi there expectant mums!

My name is Emma and I am a third year midwifery and nursing student from the University of Queensland. As a requirement of my degree, I am involved within the continuity of care experience program, which allows students to support women throughout their pregnancy, by attending antenatal and postnatal visits as well as being present during labour and birth.

The continuity of care experience does not replace your doctor or midwife, however provides you with a familiar face throughout your pregnancy journey and someone who can be there during your appointments. This is completely voluntary and if you decide to take part, you are able to withdraw if you feel it isn't for you. As my course requires me to follow the progress of 20 women through their pregnancies over the 4 years of my dual degree; to follow the progress of your pregnancy would be a huge help! All information is confidential - your name would only be on the consent form

I am currently based at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital so anyone receiving their care here would be ideal! I am, however, also more than happy to travel to certain other Brisbane hospitals.

If you think this may be for you or have any further questions, I am happy to provide you with more info!!