Does anyone have any secret tips for catnapping?

My 3 month old has been catnapping since about 8 weeks old. It started as 20min naps and has now thankfully increased to 30min but it's still driving me mad because I feel like I spend more of my day settling him than he does sleeping. Sometimes he'll randomly do a full 45min cycle, if I'm lucky he'll go over into 1h30 or even 2h15 but 90% of the time like clockwork at the 30min mark he wakes up. He's always happy when he wakes up though and if I just leave him he'll lie there and start chatting to himself but eventually call for me and start crying.

Here are all the tricks I've tried
- he's always swaddled
- white noise
- no noise
- very dark room
- dim room with lamp on
- putting him down drowsy
- putting him down fast asleep
- putting him to sleep on his side
- make sure he's not too hot/cold
- dummy (spits it out as soon as he falls asleep)
- settling at first tired signs
- waiting until he's very tired
- top up feed before I settle

Have also tried holding him until the 30min mark passes but he'll still wake up and looks for boob to resettle. I've even tried sitting next to his bassinet to catch him as soon as he stirs and sometimes I can pat him back to sleep or pick him up and rock him to sleep but mostly he looks wide awake. And if I do manage to eventually resettle him then he'll do a proper sleep but wake up mid cycle very unhappy because he's hungry. He'll sleep for hours in the car and will usually resettle easily in the pram if I'm walking him. I've even given up my morning coffee as a last resort but don't see a noticeable difference so no point in me missing out on something I love if is not helping.

I follow the feed/play/sleep routine so when he only sleeps for half an hour then it's still an hour and a half til his next feed I end up doing feed/play/sleep/play and shortening his awake time in between naps. I'm just concerned that he's not getting proper rest from 30min naps even if he's having 5/6 of them in a day.

He's a very alert baby and so curious and switched on. Is it possible some babies just function fine with short naps? Maybe he'll outgrow this phase once he learns to self soothe? He's a very happy baby otherwise and an ok night sleeper, generally does a good stretch from 8 to 12/1 then wakes every 3 hours to feed after that.

Any tips much appreciated!