I just need to vent.

After 2 cm i fall pregnant and for the first time i detect a positive pregnancy early (9 DPO). My other two were at 11-12DPO which hinted at late implantation.

Here are the tests (you can see how theyre getting lighter signaling chemical)


The one without the date was taken this afternoon.

I have typical symptoms like cramping... but convinced myself they were early pregnancy symptoms

At least this time i made it to the doctor and BEGGED for my progesterone to be tested. Results tomorrow hopefully.

Tomorrow i get my HCG test from thursday and I do a second HCG which now i almost see no point as its obviously disappearing off sticks.

Im almost praying my progesterone is to blame. Look at how dark the line was just this morning!

I cant help but think this cramping i feel is a bad sign. It feels like AF is coming. I felt it before i took any test and knew 😰