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    Default Experiences with antidepressants during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

    Hi all,
    I have a history of major depression/anxiety but I chose to go off my antidepressants 2 months before falling pregnant (in consultation with my doctor). I'm now 18 weeks pregnant and feel like I may be slipping back into depression… the old signs and symptoms are developing. So I'm considering going back on antidepressants but am taking the decision very seriously as I'm worried about potential pharmacological side effects on the baby.
    Would really appreciate hearing from other mums who have personal experience with being on antidepressants during pregnancy and/or breastfeeding, e.g. were there any negative impacts, short-term or long-term, on the baby that you know of? I'm aware that SSRIs (excluding the SSRI paroxetine/Paxil) are generally considered ‘safe’ in pregnancy and breastfeeding, but the research is still somewhat limited and is not definitive, so I’m worried about committing to medication.
    In saying this, I’m struggling with being productive at work, and crying more and more, not sleeping that well, and finding life extra hard; all things that have happened when I’ve relapsed in the past.
    Thanks, R

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    Hi - did you speak to your dr?
    how are you feeling now?

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    Hello ... I can see this thread is a couple of months old now, but wanted to add a reply. Firstly, I hope you're starting to feel better!!

    I suffer from anxiety and depression, taking medication for both (pristiq and seroquel). I've struggled with these issues since childhood, but stupidly kept thinking i could 'fix' myself. Going on medication almost four years ago now made SUCH a change. I did not want kids for a very long time (probably due to mental health) so when I did change my mind I did a lot of research, and spoke with my psychiatrist at length, she referred me to an OB who would be mindful of and help manage my conditions.

    I've chosen to stay on the medication - I can' cope without them and everyone has told me that it's better in the long term for the baby for me to stay healthy and happy. I don't like the idea of my baby being dependent on the meds, and there is a chance that they will go through a little withdrawal straight after birth, but the hospital and all my carers will be aware of this and watch out for it. I'm going in privately so i can stay longer if need be.

    Each persons journey is different and you may or may not want to go back on medication, but if you are struggling then I'd recommend you think about it, and make sure you have regular catch ups with your psych/GP etc to talk through how you're feeling.

    I was bad through my first trimester (actually had to increase my medication, I could barely function otherwise) - I still feel overly anxious and I'm also finding it hard to 'connect' with bub - it doesn't feel real yet (16+5) but my drs assure me once I feel bubs moving around I'll start to feel different, so I'm just hanging out for that!

    Take Care!

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    Default Experiences with antidepressants during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bane View Post
    Hi Golittlerabbit, since there are no medical experts here its better to seek advice from professionals. Its is important for both mom and baby to have only necessary medications usage, Good Luck!!
    From her post I believe she is seeking advice from medical professionals, especially since they would be the only ones able to prescribe her the meds...I think she's just looking for reassurance from those of us who have had to take antidepressants that our babies are ok. OP, I haven't had to take them while pregnant but have while breastfeeding. I did have awful antenatal depression with my first but found a counsellor that specialized in ante and post natal depression that really helped. For both breastfeeding journeys I have been on Zoloft/sertuline which is one of the safest to take while breastfeeding as very little is found in your milk and almost none in the baby. Both boys are fine. I know this post is a few months old so I hope you're starting to feel better. X
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