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    Default Fun loving happy heterosexual couple searching for our Angel Surrogate

    Hi I'm Evelyn and I am joined by my husband Mark and we are from NSW. But we will be moving to QLD next year.

    I am usually very articulate, words come very easily to me and I am described as a massive talker, not afraid of public speaking. You see I am a High School Teacher, talking is my job.......But as I write this I never imagined how hard it would be to find the right words to convey our story, a story of 2 polar opposite people, falling in love with each other and trying to start a family, naively believing it would be the easiest thing to happen.

    For all those that will read this and hopefully, amongst those people will be our future angel surrogate tummy mummy, I would really like you to get a sense of who we are before you read about our infertility journey.

    My name is Evelyn. I'm 28 years old, from Sydney. I come from a European family, that is surprisingly small as I am an only child. I was born considered as a little miracle in that although I was born with Spina Bifida and Scoliosis, and I did endure some surgeries in my early years, I defied doctors predictions and have lead a majority normal life. Since I was little, I have always felt that I have 2 purposes in life; to be a loving and supportive Wife and Mother. I achieved my first goal, I got married. I believe that thus far I have achieved my purpose of being a loving and supportive wife and will continue to do so for the rest of my life. We have attempted to achieve my next purpose in life, but as you will find out soon, it hasn't happened the way we planned it. But just like I defied doctors predictions with sheer determination, I plan on using that determination, love, support and patience to find our surrogate angel.
    On an everyday level I like to read, especially lovey dovey books written by Nicholas Sparks (we all know The Notebook don't we), who doesn't love a happy ending, but I do also read other authors such as Jodi Picoult. I cook, if it wasn't for me cooking I think we would be surviving on toast every night, I also like to clean (I know, shock horror!). I love being outside and although I like bushwalking, I am terrified of spiders, my happy place is anywhere near water. My number one passion is animals. I think if I could do over my education and career, I would have studied Vet Science. I am a Foster Carer with a number of Rescue Organisations, at the moment, nothing gives me greater joy than to see an animal, that started off in a terrible situation, go off to a wonderful loving home.

    Mark. My dear Husband. 31 years old and a good old country boy. He grew up in Goulburn NSW in a family of 3 boys. Having grown up in the country, his childhood was filled with farm animals, lots of space and wonderful childhood memories of playing outside till the sun goes down. Complete opposite to me. After finishing Year 12, he joined the Army where his career has taken him to many places around Australia and the world. He is very close to his Mum and Dad, the Son that never forgets birthdays, is always the first to help his family in any way possible. Although Mark may seem shy at first, once you get to know him, he is the life of the party and has a great sense of humour. Mark has never been a man of many words, not one to express his feelings or be very touchy feely; yet again complete opposite to me. However, as our infertility journey has continued, it has become obvious how much he wants to have children and have his own little family.
    He loves to watch the popular running shows such as Game of Thrones and the Walking Dead. He also shares my love for animals. Initially I was a dog person and he was a cat person but now he has converted me.

    I love Rom Com and True Story/History movies, he loves Action/Shooting/War movies, he loves his PlayStation, I tolerate it at best, I like to clean, he doesn't, I like spicy food, he sweats a litre from his face every time he eats spicy food, I'm very patient and teaching him some patience as times goes on. But the thing is, we balance each other out, we have supported each other through everything, we have faced many challenges together, we have learnt so much from each other and we have grown as individuals and as a team overtime.

    Now comes the serious part I guess, the part which has allowed us to grow as a team and a partnership.
    In February 2014, I fell pregnant but had to have a D&C. Unfortunately, this D&C was not performed properly and I haemorrhaged 2 weeks later and also got an infection. I had to have a repeat D&C 1 month later. At the time we were not informed of the permanent effects this might have on my fertility and basically thought well miscarriages do happen. We did not rush into trying again.
    In October 2014 we actively started trying to conceive, by that time I had a sense something was wrong but just thought I was being anxious. By April 2015 with no success, I began to investigate my symptoms and after a hysteroscopy in July 2015, I was diagnosed with scarring on my uterus known as Ashermans Syndrome which is thought to have been caused by the D&Cs and infection. I was cleared of the scarring and we were told to continue trying. By October we started IVF. However, my lining or lack thereof has continued to be the issue even though we have tried all sorts of different drugs, medications, Chinese medicines and vitamins.
    After consulting with a new IVF specialist he has informed us that the infection I had, has caused permanent damage to the basic structure of my lining which is preventing it from being "fluffy" enough in order to fall pregnant and sustain a pregnancy. Added to that is that I have a heart condition which also restricts what medications I am allowed to take and may potentially get worse during pregnancy. Therefore, I should start looking for a surrogate to help us out and that he will support us through our surrogacy journey.

    So 8 IVF cycles, 5 transfers, 3 cancelled cycles, 3 pregnancies, 3 miscarriages and 3 D&Cs later, we come to searching for that special lady that will help our dreams come true. We don't mind where she lives, we have family all over Australia and are use to travelling. I have never had a sister but I imagine having a special bond like a best friend with the woman who would be our surrogate as we would be forever thankful to her. Just like a sister I would hope that she would be part of our lives forever and we would see each others families growing up.

    If we sound at all interesting or the couple for you please send me a message through here, contact me on my Facebook page- https://www.facebook.com/evelyn.simon2 or send me an email evelyn.simon@hotmail.com

    Thanks so much in advance
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    Dear Evelyn,
    Your letter is so touching. May be we can help you. We are the Surrogacy Agency in Ukraine
    There are independent links about surrogacy in Ukraine:
    https://www.medicaltourismco.com/surrogacy-in-ukraine ; http://www.sensiblesurrogacy.com/sur...-rapid-growth/
    We are doing our best to support our intended parents along the whole way their baby-dream come true. We have our own surrogacy mums database, and we will choose it according to your whishes. Our mums are healthy, kind and really understand, that they will make a family happy. Our clinic has highly qualified specialists and a very good international reputation. Please, think it over and revert. info@parentage.pro, viber +380 67 463 18 08. We see only happy stories.


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