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    Hello everyone!

    This may be long, and TMI - apologies in advance! So, my husband and I were going to wait until my March cycle to TTC but I have a feeling maybe I accidentally caught O this month!

    I was using Ovia, and we BD'd the day after my fertile window had ended but given I've only been using it since November perhaps it wasn't accurate.

    Symptoms have been as follows: mild/dull cramps from 1dpo through until now (9 dpo). Stronger cramps on 6dpo, which maybe was implantation?! CM since 1dpo has been heavier than usual, and has consistently been a milky, clear consistency. When I check my cervix it always feels very wet, when usually during this time I would have dried up. So much so that there's always quite a bit on my finger when I take it out. I'm getting discharge daily on my knickers, some days quite a lot! I've had constant bloating, some days worse than others. But since yesterday my breasts have been extremely sore. This normally doesn't happen to me ever so wondering whether this is a pregnancy sign? I tested at 7dpo (impatient and probably way too early) and got a BFN. I haven't really had an appetite and since BD my cervix has stayed high, closed and was hard up until two days ago, and now it's soft.

    To everyone that's had a BFP before, does this sound like I may be pregnant??

    Thanking you all in advance.


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    Well... you could be!

    But then again there are plenty of ladies like me who had ZERO pregnancy symptoms and yet still got their BFP.

    I'll cross everything for you


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