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    Oh thanks @Constanceprice!! I didn't realise FR bought them out!! Great, I'll go back to using them. The only issue I have is that there aren't enough syringes in the box.. Do they sell syringes on their own? I suppose I could buy some other syringes and use those instead..
    @ricepudding, the stark white BFNs are heart breaking.. I hate it and the cycle before my lap, I couldn't get myself to test, I just couldn't! So shall we make a pact to test on 10 May, the day after our AFs are due??
    @Stephie91 I saw the second line yesterday!! I hope it gets stronger!! How many dpo are you today??

    Yay @cmwtc2012 for your solid peak smiley!!!

    I agree with @Loveablebubbles re @cmwtc2012 and not feeling guilty for not taking so long.. I have been trying for a year, but I'm happy when others get their bfp cos it gives me hope!!!! I enjoy seeing other BFPs, especially when they come early!!

    Oh wow @Constanceprice, what a great post about the vitamins you take! You're the second one who has used, successfully, soy isoflavones!!! I want to use them too, but I just had endo excised and Estrogen is not good for it

    Can I ask how old you are? If you don't mind sharing, of course!

    Welcome @shoveover!!!
    I'm due on 9 May along with @ricepudding! We are TTC buddies!! @ricepudding and I are trying to hold out testing until 10 May!

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