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    Totally agree with what A-squared said.

    I also have to say, as someone with anxiety, I can completely empathize with your thoughts. Nearly every thread you've posted sounds like it's right out of my mind at some point.

    Here's the thing though... You're legitimizing the anxious thoughts. I get it, I often think the same way, but I do my best to remind myself that it's the anxiety getting the better of me. Really, truly if you want to get on top of this you need to be telling yourself that this is all normal and it's the anxiety you need to get under control, not your son.

    All the best. I know it's hard, but you're not alone.

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    Some really well worded advice

    I just wanted to say though for anyone reading along, that not all kids can use iPads etc.
    I fell into this trap with my daughter because it bought me some time.
    Well I think she has some sensory disorders or at least she is a sensitive and easily over stimulated child.
    She became obsessive with the iPad to the point no one else could even look at one near her. She also went through a phase of being like that with mobile phones.
    It was upsetting for us all.

    So any mum who holds off on the technology with a strong willed or easily stimulated child is dong the right thing imo.
    It's a pain because they can learn so much and it buys you that down time but it can cause more hassles than you had to start.
    My daughter does watch a fair bit of tv but I still can't give her much choice else she gets over done.
    She also has a lot of educational musical toys which keep her amused.

    Good luck OP.
    I would suggest taking the advice given and stepping away from the forum for a bit to try some of it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stretched View Post
    On the whole I liked this article. Both my kids are high energy and strong willed but DD was more 'highly sensitive " (aka drama queen! lol) and my DS is more aggressive. So both need slightly different approaches on the one theme.

    The thing I didn't like about the article, and it is a criticism of a lot of "gentle parenting" things I have heard or read, is the author's responses to their child are veeeeery wordy.

    That whole paragraph negotiating over putting on a coat to go outside - seriously! First of all, you're probably in a rush in this scenario but more importantly, what young child will not have tuned out by the 2nd sentence?

    So for me, while I still consider my approach on the whole gentle (with the occasional pin-down-for-sunscreen like PP suggested) I keep it much shorter and clearer than this author. It would go something like this:

    "OK, I understand you don't want to wear a jacket. It's cold outside so we will take one but you don't have to put it on." Or on a really bad day/mega rush I would just say the first bit and sneak the jacket into the bag. 9/10 times they're asking for their jacket before we get to the car even.
    I agree with you in the wordiness. It just popped up on my FB feed and thought of this thread. I know my kids have been easier to deal with when given options rather than me making them do stuff. Sometimes even the small change of asking them teeth or toilet first makes all the difference. Both get done, but they have some say as well.

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    Mattresses and couch cushions.
    Mini trampoline
    Cubby house
    Soft balls
    Pillow cases for sake races


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