Im currently in my 8th (!) 2ww.
Had a 5day blast transferred on the 19th Feb.

Im 34 yrs old, with PCOS and have been ttc for nearly 5 years.
Had 1 yr trying naturally, 2 yrs on Clomid and 2 yrs IVF.

Have had 5 stim cycles with over 90 eggs collected, 7 transfers and the closest I've come to a BFP was an ectopic on the 3rd transfer.

I guess what I'm asking is 'has anyone had success after multiple transfers/implantation failure?'

Ive been tested for NKC's and they are mildly elevated so I'm using prednisolone and clexane.

Ive got 2 more PGD tested normal embryos in the freezer if this doesn't work. But I'm worried about putting them into me. Not sure if I should be looking into a surrogate or not.

Any stories/advice would be most welcome.
And thanks for reading my long post!