Hi, My name is Jenny Chen. I’m an Australian Nurse,living in Melbourne. I’m 43 years of age with no kids. I havehad 7 cycles of IVF in the past 3 years and have all been unsuccessful apart from 1 in which Ifell pregnant but I had a miscarriage 9 weeks later. My specialist advised me that it may betime for me to obtain an egg donor.
I think I would be a really good parent along with myhusband Louis as we both have dreamed of having children a very long time. We can see howwell we interact with family and friends children and we think we would be great rolemodels. 
I currently want egg donor from a female who no longer wants children and is under 38 yearsof age. I will be forever grateful.I obtained an approval number “e4320515” from the Minister of Health in order for me tomake this process legal.
Thank you for taking the time out to read my story and I hope someone is willing to donatetheir eggs and make our dream come true.
My email address is: swallowcn_8@hotmail.com