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    Hi guys, I am just after some advice, tips or even opinions on my situation going back to work.
    I just moved to the central coast so I don't know anyone here in my industry to weazle into.
    My maternity leave finishes end of march and I will have to go back to work, I want to put my son in daycare maximum 2 days a week whilst I'm at work but I'm just pondering on what I should do for work, I am a qualified beauty therapist (10 years) and before maternity leave I worked full time as a beauty therapist at a laser hair removal clinic.m which I loved but the hours were like 8.30-7pm which is all across as its a franchise and I moved away from the one I worked at.
    I am also a qualified vet nurse ( 2 years) although Its not my preferred career as the industry is tough.
    Any who I don't know what I should go back to..
    Should I try doing beauty from home?
    I know its tough getting a clientele as I never worked on the coast, I was thinking of spray tanning and waxing..?
    Or should I try doing maybe cleaning houses (something I can get decent money or cash in hand aswell as finishing in time to pick my son up.
    I do have two careers which helps but I'm not the most business minded so any ideas of what's popular for work?
    Or good money?
    I'm willing to try other avenues
    Thank so much in advance!
    Georgia xx

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    I would try beauty from home. It will be tough to build up a clientele. For someone who would be interested in finding a mumwho is running a business from home use business cards" cold drop into letter boxes, if there is a friendly cafe who would stock your business cards (offer them something like a discount for treatments). So they will want to keep your business cards.

    Offer a two for one deal deal bring a friend and get the second one free. Or a stamp card the 5 treatment is a discount. I personally hate waiting to the ten to get my discount.

    Once you start word of mouth starts make sure you provide the pamper treatment always treat your customer well. They will tell others and come back you want them to come back.

    We we used to dine at a restaurant before we moved away. They changed hands and we came back to the area. We gave them 3 chances. The food great. Service absolutely terrible. Service for regulars top notch to us who were regular but the new owners did not know plates were plonked on our table no smile no nothing! Never been back.

    on the business card give them a website to review your service. Word of mouth (WOMO) is one and nabo is another. I also review on product review.com.au

    central coast has beaches, do a funky promotional thing down on the beach. Fingernail painting or something doable. Hand out business cards.

    I hooe this helps

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    Have you checked gumtree ads in your area for work wanted / available? Sometimes that gives you a good idea of what's worthwhile - if there's heaps of beauty therapists advertising, for example, then maybe it might be worth looking at other options. Just a thought


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