I'm a Melbourne based filmmaker creating a short film with a supporting lead character that is a girl aged 3-4 years old. The role is based on my own daughter who is especially bright (perhaps we all think this) and very opinionated. I have been casting through agencies but have found these girls to be more suited to modelling than a speaking role.

If you think your daughter may be interested in taking part in a dramatic film, has a unique personality and mature level of conversation for a person of a young age please get in touch. I will be holding auditions over March and April - shooting the film in April, May.

Logistically the shoot will only require this character for 1-2 days and will take place in inner Melbourne. You can see my other work at www.sarahjanewoulahan.com. Please write back to me here or contact me direct on hello@sarahjanewoulahan.com Happy to tell you more about the nature of the film and what is required.

thanks and hope you will get in touch!