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    Default Getting housework done when they no longer nap

    My 2 & a half year old has just dropped his day nap

    How do you find the time to get any housework done? I used to do it while he was napping

    If I let him help it's just really frustrating - like newly folded clothes strewn across the room etc.

    TV doesn't appear to be distracting enough

    Husband is gone 11 & a half hours a day 5 days a week & I work 3 days a week.

    By the time I've fought the overtired bath & bedtime battles in the evening & got him into bed, hubby is barely home, so then we have to have dinner & get everything ready for the next day.

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    You'll adjust My DD was never much of a day napper, and dropped it completely by 18 months. She was good at entertaining herself though - I actually found she was better at it when I WAS doing housework. If I was busy and moving around she'd happily 'blend in' and figure out her own activities. She might try and help a bit but 9 times out of 10 she'd get distracted by a toy and move on. However, if I sat down she'd be all over me and seemingly completely unable to find something to do .

    Maybe get him started on an activity and slowly back away after 5-10mins, once he's absorbed, then attempt one job like putting a load of washing on, communicating with him from the laundry while you do it (just an example). I do have a small house so this was quite easy for me.

    Another suggestion is to have various 'toy stations' situated around the house that you constantly rotate so theres always something new to engage in. Even if it's just moving the Lego to a different spot. This definitely helped my DD play independently so I could get things done.

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    Like frankie46 said you'll adjust. It's hard at first but eventually it will get easier. DD1 dropped her naps really early so I just had to work around it. If I was in the kitchen I'd give her a few pots and pans to play with so she could pretend she was helping me. I became a lot more organized after she dropped her naps which has helped since having DD2. I always meal plan and prep and do my online grocery shop on the weekend while DH is here so he can entertain them while I'm busy and I have less to do during the week when I'm alone.

    Also for ages I fought letting her help me, like you it frustrated me how much extra work it would make for me but eventually I gave in and when I'm folding laundry or unpacking the dishwasher or making the beds I do let her help me now and yes it takes longer but but it's a great opportunity to connect with her and she loves it; and on the plus side it's helped her development so much now she's 4 and makes her own bed and if I give her the cutlery thing out of the dishwasher (no knives obviously) she can pack the whole thing away for me. Try just rolling with it for a couple of your chores and then maybe for the other ones he definitely can't help with have him bring his toys to you so he can be near you while you're busy. I found the iPad was great for that, I installed some kids games and she could only use it while I was busy, it really kept her occupied because she so rarely got to use it.

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    Get a cleaner on the days you work

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    Hang in there! Your son won't be 2.5 forever. He will soon be more capable (either to 'help' you or in terms of keeping himself entertained while you get stuff done). It will definitely get easier and I hope that is sooner rather than later for you!


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