For the past couple of months I've heard a lot of talk in the media about how difficult it is for families to find IVF treatment that suits their situation and isn't prohibitively expensive. I looked into it and it is quite difficult. So I decided to do something about it. Over the past week I've added every single IVF clinic and consulting specialist in Australia to MindTheGap. Now you can go onto MindTheGap and, with two clicks, find every IVF clinic and consulting specialist around you no matter where you are in Australia. The website has full information on each practice including their prices, success rates, and payment options. It could save you hundreds of hours of research time and thousands of dollars in treatment fees. It's also completely free to access and is kept up to date with any information changes. In any case, it's really the first place you should visit before embarking on the journey of IVF. I hope some of you can find some value in it.