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    Default Cost of private cesarean delivery

    I am insured with Medibank and has coverage and passed waiting periods with fertility and obstetrics.

    First timer so no clue how this works. What will or will not be covered? Does the safety limit of Medicare apply?

    How much do the private obstetricians cost? And how will I be compensated by Medicare and Medibank?


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    Default Cost of private cesarean delivery

    Every health fund is diff. I've got top of top with no excess so I'm never out of pocket on anything at all

    My ob gap was $2500 of which I got back $2100 of that

    Paediatrician was $1400 as it was an assisted c-sec. I got back $1200 of this

    All my ob appts where bulk billed to Medicare

    All scans bar one where bulk billed to Medicare aswell. I had 11 scans in total due to some health issues.

    Which ever hospital you choose to birth in will bill your health fund and you'll pay the gap excess.

    But I'd also check with Medibank to see if you have to pay any co payment for each while your in hospital as a hidden extra. Some people have been stung by this

    My c-sec cost my health fund just over $15k and I didn't pay anything towards that except my premium each year just for myself which is roughy $2200 for hospital only.

    It cost us around $2800 to have our ds in total this doesn't include the $35k out of pocket on ivf though.

    Medicare safety net runs the opp to tax season so it's Jan to dec

    Also check to see if have to use preferred ob's and a hospital

    You also have to remember that not all births end in a c-sec. I would only have one because of medical issues which myself and bubs had to save our lives

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    What is covered for you in hospital is going to depend on your fund, the hospital and your doctors gaps are. These vary widely.

    My Ob's pregnancy management fee is $2300 out of pocket (you get just under $500 back from medicare which is capped). Then every visit is $100 with around $30 out of pocket (around 10 visits). Ultrasounds are around $150 - $200 and I need 4 - as we have reached medicare safety net my out of pocket is less but usually the gap is around $100ish.

    I have had all bloods done through the public pathology collection so that's been free (which you can do easily).

    I'm also going as a private patient in a public hospital. I don't have pregnancy cover on private health insurance but needed an Ob this time around. I see my Ob in her private rooms and she will come and deliver in the public system for me. If I end up in theatre, ICU, baby in NICU, needing an anaesthetist, paed fees or anything else it's all bulk billed through the public system. If I was at a private hospital with private cover there would be gaps for some or even all of these that would need to be paid.

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    I know PHI doesn’t pay for much with fertility treatment only your day surgery for egg pick up. Hopefully you wont need fertility treatment. Its expensive!!!

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    Default Cost of private cesarean delivery

    My OBs fee was $3500, no extra for the emergency c section. You only get $500 back from Medicare for that, it's capped. The anaesthetist was $500 on top (he only charged the gap) but it would normally be more, he felt sorry for me after the labour I had. Not sure how much more.

    You'll hit the Medicare safety net once you pay your OB's fee. Then you will get a good rebate on your OB appointments.

    Check that your fund covers a stay in NICU for your Bub, at the hospital I was at that was $1600/night, and he had to be in one night because of the c section. This was covered for us with no excess.

    Also had to pay a paed $720. We'll get most of that back from Medicare, and will try for the rest through our PHI.
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