I wanted to ask - is Private Health Insurance worth it?
My mother is very much for it, however 3 separate couples have had their babies in the public system over the last couple of months/year and have had no complaints.

It seems to me the more I research, the more I find that yes having Private Health Insurance may be good in theory, but in terms of costs, I am paying my monthly premium, and then the OB fees each time I would see him/her, my OB fees for the birth at private hosp, the fees for staying in private hos, and it seems like many other fees.

We are doing all we can to save for having a baby and save for our life in general, and I feel like it is a lot of wasted money, when we would get the same sort of care in the public system.

I am in South East melbourne and would love to have some stories or experiences, especially regarding Casey Hospital and St John of God Berwick...

Not just for the birth, but also the full pregnancy care. (I am not pregnant yet, but with fingers crossed it won't be far off)