Hi to each and everyone where ever they are on their journey.

I have been thinking a lot on diet and fertility and wish to ask you all a few questions. But first my background.

I am a natural conciever but does IVF due to male factor infertility. And now insufficient ovarian reserve due to age. There has never been a problem with my lining and i do not have any other problems womb wise side of things.

Im am currently researching diets to help improve my chances as much as possible when i do eventual move along to having an egg donor and ET. I feel diet can help in providing nutrition to the womb, lining and flow on to a potential baby.

Everyone always tells you eat healthy and maintain a good BMI.

Well I eat moderately well, have a huge range in my diet and my BMI is shocking I am gentically blessed by my mother to carry a large amount of fat. I eat less than 900cals a day to maintain my weight to what it is now. Eat more and I gain more.

nutritionally what do you all eat when preparing for a cycle?
What would be the best foods?

I hate hearing from doctors eat right and get the BMI to normal. Well buddy its not that simple for me. Im fat and healthy.