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    It could be a 6 year old thing, or it could be more. It won't hurt to talk to someone about it either way.
    Honestly, he sounds like me. I'm like that with reading. Even now as an adult, I cannot sit and read a book. Regardless of how interesting. I start counting words, or reading them backwards etc. So just some things that work really well for me when I do need to concentrate while studying. I bounce my legs around everywhere. Sitting on the couch is good for this as it offers good feedback. Looks incredibly distracting but it's not.
    Listening to music reasonably loud also works sometimes.
    Having an office chair that rocks really far back is probably the best thing I have. When reading I just rock back and forth constantly.

    I have a 5yo with autism, he is sensory seeking. He sits on one of these at school and during therapies IMG_1487024337.901754.jpg
    It pushes his pelvis forward and has quite a tactile surface so he wiggles on it when he is concentrating. It's also Air filled so has a bit of "rocking" to it.

    Not saying your son ha anything of course, but just some different options to consider.

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    I wrote a post earlier, but no idea where it went. However I agree with the pp who said there is no benefit to homework at this age. Our primary school offers homework as purely optional...our principal tells everyone to not make homework a battle, and strongly believes parents should parent, not teach. My oldest went on to an academically selective highschool...not disadvantaged by not doing homework at all.
    Take the pressure off at home. If there is something preventing your son from concentrating, forcing the issue at home won't help him. It will be enough for him to do it at school. There are plenty of ways a child can learn without it being a battle. Reading a recipe when they help bake, writing on a friend's birthday card etc. Write spelling words in chalk on the driveway and get him to shoot them with a water gun after he reads the words etc. Read him a book that is interesting to him, and point to the words as you read...ask him to read one sentence on the page etc. Make learning fun. He's only 6.

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    Thank you for your replies. Maybe I worded my original post wrong. I'm not worried about his ability to read and do his homework. He CAN read. I am worried about his ability to apply focus to one task (Maybe I shouldn't of used homework as an example). Putting his shoes on is a battle. Washing himself in the shower is a battle. Anything that requires more then 2 minutes of attention is a full blown crying fit. My DH has ADD. The family lives with these symptoms everyday so it's almost natural for me to be on my toes when something doesn't seem right or is altering his quality of life. I will have a chat to his teacher

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    Hi! Im a year 1 teacher and I have seen this before many times. If it is completing and focusing on set tasks try having a visual schedule that he can tick off as he successfully completes a task. I always aim for celebrating small successes at the start and working towards more difficult tasks. Also now and then boards work well to break down small tasks to complete. If you are trying to complete something longee try using a shower timer and then letting him have a quick break or even incorporate things like playdough or games in between tasks. Just a few ideas.


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