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Just wanted to share my experience- dd1 was IUGR identified at 32 weeks. I had fortnightly scans and 2nd daily CTGs from 35 weeks. They wanted to induce me at 37 weeks but couldn't fit me in over the next few weeks. They wanted daily ctgs but I refused as it was an effort getting to the hospital, zero parking and walking up mammoth hills in middle of summer. I also refused scans from 37 weeks (they wanted them weekly at that point) as it wasn't changing the outcome and was costing $200 a pop. So I ended up carrying dd1 till 40+6 and she was ok.

Like you I had a horrendous experience at the hospital so for dd2 I brought my own pain relief.

They certainly didn't instill me with confidence, different doctors every time, looking at wrong scans, telling me they will do xyz at next visit but then I would have to ask as they were unsure why I was there, repeating my situation over and over.

It's so stressful. I'm glad it's all over and I have 2 beautiful but tiny little girls.

I hope it all works out for you xxxxx

ETA: as it was my first I was a lot more compliant until the end when I was frustrated, started questioning things and refusing scans/daily visits- one doctor labeled me as "difficult".
I was much more assertive and confident during my second pregnancy and flat out refused any further scans from 32 weeks lol and bubs was always very active
Thankyou for your experience, it sounds so similar to mine! Was your dd healthy enough at 40+6? I had one baby who was undetected IUGR & I was rushed for an induction after it was detected at a scan, so I do feel a bit nervous - she was quite unwell for a long time, & she didnt have much longer to survive in-utero, and I really dont want to go through that again - they keep giving me the 'stillbirth' chat but dont give me any alternatives at this stage. I have also packed my own pain relief, food, and water for hospital due to my experience of getting none of either of those things last time! It's nice to know I'm not the only one, although not nice at all that you've had to put up with such a bad experience too. I also feel like I am being 'difficult' for them because I question everything and ask why it has to be done a particular way, or a few times I've just said 'no, I am not able to do that'. They give me that 'look' lol. Last time they performed unneccesary medical procedures on me without my consent (in fact I explicitly refused 'unless there is a medical need to do so', yet they went ahead and did it anyway) so I'm wary overall.