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    Default weaning regret - want to go back.

    My baby is 11 months and 2-3 days ago we stopped the breast feeding and i started giving him more bottles of formula, He didn't seem too unhappy about it but started napping on me (which he never did) and is now constipated and always have a little vomit after the formula. I have mix fed him since he was about 9 months and there were never any issues like that. So it's day 2.5 and I am extremely depressed and i put him back to the breast but after i had already given him a morning and afternoon bottle.

    I want to go back to how it was, i want to feel him as many times a day as like likes and just offer them a bottle of formula before bed, it's only been 2.5 days please tell me it's no big deal i can just put him back on. I would really like to continue feeding him now until he over the age of one, hopefully until he is 18 months old.
    please help!

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    Default weaning regret - want to go back.

    I'm sorry you've had such a rough couple of days. Weaning can be a very emotional time and i can imagine it would be made worse by your bub's discomfort. I think you can absolutely return to breastfeeding. However, I think if you do, then I'd probably suggest you feed for a couple more months at least before weaning again. Otherwise I'd worry he'd be confused by the repeated stopping and starting. It might also be good to think about why you decided to wean and to make sure you're happy to put those reasons aside now.
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