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    Default Starting IVF cycle

    Hi @wishingandhoping new to the forum, had my EC on Thursday.
    Unknown infertility I'm 35 and DH is 42. All tests came back ok. Mc in April 16. First time doing IVF. They got 18 eggs and 10 fertilised. how did you go?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rockalee View Post
    I was also 39 when I started IVF. For the first four rounds they had me on 350 Gonal F and, in order I got three eggs, two eggs, no eggs and one egg. Only had embryos to transfer round one and two (one embryo and two embryos respectively). Then on round five (at 41) they switched me to Menopur - five eggs, five embryos - transferred two and am now 22 weeks with our much awaited baby girl. Have three more on ice for later.
    Sometimes a change in protocol will be the magic bullet you need but you need to go through the motions to see what works and what doesn't.
    Hi @rockalee
    Congrats on your pregnancy. Hope you don't mind my questions.
    I also am a low responder (even tho I am only 26) and researching some protocols so I am informed when I speak to my fs about where to next.
    What protocols were you on each time? Down reg? Antagonist ? Flare? And what other meds? Did you try luveris or anything different to get your better outcome?


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