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    Default Maternity VS Paternity Leave

    Huz and I have been discussing trying for a baby. Seems like a long way away but I like to have things well planned and hopefully I will thank myself later.

    I am weighing up how much maternity leave I should take and whether it is better for me to go back to work slightly sooner to allow huz to have time off with us for a bit longer in the early days.

    I will get 18 weeks paid maternity leave and huz will get 2 week paid paternity leave at about 60% of our current income (we have about the same weekly income).
    On top of this, I will have about 6 weeks annual leave saved up.
    Huz is a casual employee and so doesn't get any other paid leave. As I save money each week specifically for his holiday/sick, we will have enough saved that he could take up to 10 weeks off at the same time as me.

    Having never had a baby before I have no idea whether it would be more beneficial to all of us if I used some of the money saved to extend my own leave, instead of have huz off for longer?
    What would you do?
    I could also negotiate going back part time for a while.

    I do have a lot of family in the same town that would be more than willing to help out, but it's about him bonding with the baby also.

    When we are both in our fulltime working schedules, we only have Saturdays off together, and 4 nights of the week.

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    Personally I'd extend your leave or take what you want when the time comes.

    If dp was off work with me for 10wks I would of gone absolutely crazy having him around all the time. Yes it's great to have some
    Family time but a couple of weeks is enough I think and send him back to work.

    As you said he is a casual employee and depending on what he does he may not get as many hours when he was to go back to work after having so much time off work ? Or he could possibly even change jobs and get something permanent before you even ttc or have a baby

    Just my thoughts but every couple is different


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