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    Default Pregnancy after early mc

    Hi there just after some experiences. What was ur period like after an mc or if u conceived on the first cycle?
    My story. On the fifth of Jan I misscarrige very early didn't even know I was pregnant. It happened when I usually get my period. Anyway went to Drs and got told I did mc with bloods. Bleeding stopped after seven days. On the18th I had unprotected sex with Hun. I assume I was ovulating (I don't track but I do get discharge only 2 days in my cycle). Since then I had a lot of creamy cm(Drs said no infection) non stop. And my breast are leaking slightly (dr said no excess prolactin) and on the 29th I had mild cramps. Since the 31st Iv had brown discharge for 2 days then today it is like black old blood (not enough to fill a pad only there when I wipe but cramps are as if I am having a normal period. I'm wondering if I could be pregnant. Or if this is just from my previous mc. Iv had two miscarriages before and both time my period went back to normal straight away. I have two kids and in one pregnancy in the beginning I had this type of bleed (actually thought it was period) just wondering looking for hope I could be pregs as tests have all been bfn. My period has never been like this even after my previous mcs x

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    Default Never mind

    I got af in full blast yesterday I guess it was just cleaning out before that


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