So me and my husband are 25 and been married for 5 months. We have been together more than 13 years now and happily settled in our house etc. He works a full time job and I am self employed. We found out in 2015 we were expecting but sadly didn't go full term. I have struggled to cope every day since and there's nothing I want more than to have a baby! I would do anything to have one now, but my husband isn't thinking on the same lines. He doesn't understand how much it hurt me and how I have struggled. I know men do too but I have a desperation for another child and get very jealous when friends become pregnant and want to push myself away from them. I have always struggled with my ovaries and periods since I was 16. I am never regular and really find it hard to cope when I do get AF, as it's horrendous! Docs suspect I have endometriosis and complications that could affect our chances but my husband still doesn't seem to bat an eyelid. He keeps saying to wait a few more years. I feel I may become entirely depressed if I have to wait that long! Please help with what I can say/do or just for a chat if anyone else is going through a similar situation.