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    Wondering if anyone had any advice/experience to offer. I will be getting in touch with a lactation consultant but thought any advice can't hurt - especially from other mums! (I'll try to keep this short).

    I had bub almost 4 weeks ago and because bubs came early and I had to have c-section, he was very mucousy and was constantly spitting and vomitting up, so much so that everyone was concerned he wasn't drinking enough/getting enough wet nappies and hub ended up having some blood taken to check hydralites etc.

    I breastfed in hosp and thought he was feeding well (latch was good) but by the end of the stay he had lost almost 15% of his birth weight. The pead on duty, and some of the midwives recommended topping up with formula which we didn't do until we got home the next day.

    Bubs ended up feeding so well from the bottle and immediately seemed so more settled. I felt such guilt at the fact that he had probably been starving during my attempts to feed in hospital that I stopped breastfeeding that day.

    Fast forward to 4 weeks and now I really wish I had continued with the breast-feeding. I have searched online and found some information on relactation which has given me some hope. Has anyone done this/or know of anyone who had some success?

    I have a medela swing double and have started pumping for the last 2 days. I have also started Fenugreek capsules.

    Look forward to hearing any stories. Thank you in advance.

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    Breastfeeding has always been really difficult for me.

    I won't scare you with the gory details but on my last baby I had to quit feeding her when she was about 10 days old, just down to pain, mastitis and damaged nipple from previous bub, not a medical condition or anything serious.

    DD was taking bottles, but I don't think she was enjoying them.
    Sometimes she would spew the whole fed up and she was a bit unsettled at night so I had to sleep upright with her on my chest, even when I switched formulas.
    I hated seeing her like that.

    About 10 days later I had healed and I really wanted to try again.
    My mam was shaking her head at me, she couldn't understand why I'd go through all that pain again to try but it's a personal thing isn't it.
    So when mam wasn't watching I gave DD a sneaky breastfeed
    She just latched this time, no real issues and certainly no pain like in those early days.
    So that was it, I decided there that I'd do that from now on, not expecting to be fully breastfeeding her again within two weeks but that's what happened.
    It took no time for mother nature to kick in and take over

    She's two now and still being breastfed and only from one side as my right side never recovered so that's an achievement as well.

    So I say give it a go.

    Best of luck.

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    Have a look at The Milk Meg and Kellymom. ABA might have resources.

    It is possible.

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    It definately is possible. Pump every couple of hours and even latch baby on while your pumping from the other side. A relaxed stress free zone will always help aswell or even when your pumping alone and bubs is asleep a picture of your baby can help you let down aswell.

    Don't stress if you don't get to much milk when you pump first up. Every little bit counts in the end


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