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    Default Massive perivillous fibrin deposition

    Try saying that 5 times quickly!

    I'm looking for mums who have experienced this awful disorder.. specifically mums who have gone on to have a successful, viable pregnancy following a loss due to this disorder.

    A little back story.
    I have 2 healthy children, from 2 textbook births following 2 uneventful pregnancies. I assumed my body was just made for easy, straightforward procreation.

    Enter different daddy (maybe this is a factor.. it's also been 8 years since my youngest living child was born) and I discover that just isn't the case.

    Our son was lost last June at 24 weeks to MPFD. If you haven't heard of it, it is a condition where the mother's body lays down fibrin through the placenta, causing blood clots and deposits of thick white fibrin strands. If the condition is severe enough, it causes severe growth restriction, and in many/most cases, fetal death.

    It also has a high risk of recurrence in subsequent pregnancies.

    So yeah.. all in all its a fairly nasty condition. It's also considered rare, and with no perinatal diagnostic methods or successful treatment plans.

    Fast forward 6 months and I'm currently 7w4d pregnant. I'm on daily aspirin (150mg) and we are having a scan every fortnight to measure bub's growth. If growth starts to stall we will be looking at other options (clexane, heparin, lovenox, viagra etc) but I'm hoping the aspirin is enough.

    I'd love to know whether other mums have any experience with this condition, and specifically whether anyone has had any success in being treated with aspirin alone..

    Please share your story. I know pregnancy loss isn't always easy to talk about, so I absolutely appreciate anything anyone is willing to share x

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    Hi, not sure if it's still relevant, but yes I have had this condition and gone in to have a healthy bub with low dose aspirin treatment only. More than happy to give you more info if you like x


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